Get Help


Not sure where to start?

  • Elle Simoni, Community Addiction Coordinator, Town of Stoneham. Ms. Simoni is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor. 781-507-2405

  • MA Substance Abuse Education and Information Helpline (helpline referrals in multiple languages)

  • Stoneham Police Department – Confidential Hotline – 781-438-1215 x3213

  • Woburn District Court Task Force 781-935-4000 x267

  • State Hotline: 800-327-5050

  • Your school nurse

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If Your Child or Family Member is Using Drugs

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Find Treatment

In-Patient Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

*Some units may not have adolescent beds, please ask when calling or work with your primary care provider or counselor to access detox or in-patient behavioral health resources.

Other Types of Treatment

Outpatient Counseling (Local)

Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis Interventionists



Support Groups (Local)



Find Out About Insurance Eligibility

*If you have insurance, call the number on the back of your membership card. Try the following for additional information:

Substance Abuse Testing 

  • QUEST LABS (on-site supervised, chain of custody or unsupervised urine collection)

  • EMSI – 800 W. Cummings Park, Suite 5225, WOBURN,MA 781-376-1806 (call for instructions)

  • CONCENTRA Health Center, 66-B Concord St, Wilmington, MA 978-657-3826 (on-site urine collection, unsupervised, walk-in)